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Custom Actuators and Solenoid Valves for your Fire Suppression System

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  • NFPA-Compliant
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Choosing a TLX solenoid for your fire-suppression system ensures a faster (<10 ms), more durable, reusable solution—expertly tailored to your exact needs. Our custom solenoid valves and actuators are designed for compliance to UL, FM, CE, LPCB and VDE.

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A Legacy of Innovation in Fire Suppression

Decades spent refining the delivery of extinguishing agents (clean agent, inert gas, water, CO2) has led TLX engineers to pioneer many fire suppression solutions, including several patents. One such component, a mechanism which helps detect whether a pressure valve is connected to a latching solenoid, meets industry standard NFPA 2001, Sec

Latching Solenoid Actuator with Container Installation Detection

Awarded June 2015

A mechanism that allows operators to detect whether the pressure valve is fully connected to the latching solenoid.* Compliant to NFPA 2001, Sec. required by January 1, 2016.

US 9,062,788 B2

Sensor for Connection Detection and Actuator Including Same Field of Invention

Awarded July 2017

A mechanism incorporated into a direct-acting solenoid that allows operators to detect if the valve is fully connected to the solenoid. High pressure version capable of withstanding up to 300 bar also available.

US 9,714,718 B2

Solenoid with Supervision Switch

Awarded February 2018

A solenoid designed with integrated supervision that provides detection that the coil has been properly re-installed after testing.

US 9,890,873 B2

TLX Fire Suppression Solutions in the Field

Solenoid engineer installing fire suppression valve

A fire systems manufacturer sought to replace the pyrotechnic device used to open a Schrader valve on a cylinder of compressed extinguishing medium.

This component needed a faster response time and higher latching force than the pyrotechnic device. TLX engineers developed an ideal solution - a latching solenoid with an optional manual valve actuator.

This actuator was held in the latched position without power until receiving a signal from the control panel. When released, the latching solenoid opened the cylinder valve and extinguishing medium was discharged into the system. Faster response time allowed the extinguishing media to open larger valves to other cylinders, directly acting on suppression of the event. The latching solenoid was also designed with an emergency release button to manually depress the cylinder valve if needed. In order to reset the system, the solenoid was manually returned to the latched position.

TLX provided a solution that worked at a lower current, had a higher latching force and was operated on smaller capacitors than the original pyrotechnic device used. Additionally, this latching solenoid cost less than the manufacturer's original offshore supplier.